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Frequently Asked Questions about Online Paid Surveys

Why would paid survey companies want to pay ME?

Online paid survey companies pay YOU in cash and/or prizes for YOUR time that YOU give up in providing them with your opinions and answering their questions. Most businesses are constantly looking for ways of improving their products and services, which in turn results in them earning bigger profits. They need information about a consumer's preferences before launching a new product or service, or before going to market with an improved product or service already offered.
Paid online surveys are just one of the ways market researchers collect consumer thoughts and opinions that these businesses than use to help them make their decisions. YOU are rewarded for the time YOU spend in completing the surveys in a true and accurate fashion. Some paid survey companies will even pay you to conduct product evaluations, where you actually get to keep the product being tested.


How much can I earn? What rewards will I receive?

Your earnings will depend on the quantity, style and duration of the surveys that YOU receive. A typical survey may take anything from 10 to 30 minutes, or longer, to complete. Some companies will pay you in cash for each survey you undertake, and this may range from $1 to $100+. Others may reward you with gift certificates, or enter you into sweepstakes for cash &/or prizes. Some survey sites may reward you with points, which can later be redeemed for cash &/or gifts. If you are invited to a focus group, it could last for 1 or 2 hours, or longer. You can expect to earn between $50 to $200 for being on a focus group.


Will I be able to earn enough to quit my day job?

Unfortunately, for most of us completing paid online surveys, the answer is probably "NO". If YOU join all of the recommended paid online survey sites, complete all the profiles requested, and have enough time to complete all the surveys sent to you on a regular basis, you may earn a fair income, but this will still probably fall short of a regular day job's earnings. Paid online surveys are especially suited to stay at home moms, or others, who are unable to prticipate in the regular workforce. However, for mostly everyone else, you may have to accept this as a hobby where you can earn some extra money in the process. You can pick and choose from the survey invitions that you receive depending upon the time you have available at that particular instant.


How many online paid surveys can I expect to get in, say, a week?

The number of paid online surveys that you will receive depends to a very large extent on your profile. Market researchers target particular segments of the population depending on the needs of their clients. The number of surveys sent will vary, depending upon the paid online survey site also. Some sites will send fewer surveys, but their rewards for each survey may be a lot higher than other paid survey sites. The very best way to improve the number of surveys you receive, is to join all of the recommended sites, completely fill in the various profiles required for each site and monitor your email regularly. Your profiles help the market researchers to target their surveys to the segment of the population that they are interested in surveying. The importance of monitoring your email regularly is that many surveys are issued with a limited number of required participants. When that number is reached, the survey expires. Another very important factor is the country in which you live. Those of you living in the developed countries, such as USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, or other developed countries have a far greater chance of receiving frequent survey invitations, and can expect to complete the maximum number of surveys. However, If you are from somewhere in the rest of the World you may get a lesser number of survey invitations, but there are still many market researchers testing the global market in this online, internet age who send out a goodly number of survey invitations to international members.


What is required from me when I join an online paid survey site?

Upon registering at a paid online survey site, you will be expected to provide your contact information and other personal details. The more information you provide about yourself, the more matches will occur on that site, and the more survey invitations will be sent to YOU, which in turn means the more money YOU will earn. In other words when signing up for a paid online survey site, provide the most personal information you can. A number of survey sites will ask you to provide additional profile information, e.g. your health profile. Completing these extra profiles obviously increases your chances of receiving an invitation to take part in a survey. You may elect to give your current primary email address. Market researcherss will not send you any email apart from the survey invitations informing you of a survey. However, we recommend that you setup another email address, which you will use solely for your survey work. This ensures that this particular email address receives all of the invitations you are sent, and also ensures that they are not buried in a barrage of other unrelated emails. Be sure to check this email address on a regular basis to ensure you access all your survey invitations whilst they are still active. Remember, surveys are only active for a set period of time, and/or until the required number responds to the survey


Why do the online paid survey sites ask for my personal data?

Upon signing up each online paid survey site you will be asked to complete the profile/s which will include information about your own personal habits and your family. Completing these profiles increases the ability of the site to send you survey invitations by a hage extent. Market researchers have to target their surveys at particular groups, so they depend on these profiles in order to get a maximum return for their studies. You can be assured that the personal data you provide to the recommended researchers is safe as they are all reputable organizations that have been vetted and have privacy statements on their websites for your perusal. You should never receive any spam if you keep your email address private and only provide it to the organizations recommended. The only emails you receive should be survey invitations, but having said that, it is almost impossible to fully protect any email address fully from spammers, so we recommend the use of an active spam filter at all times.


How will I know when I am required to complete a survey?

Email notifications will be sent to you when a new survey is activated that matches your profile information. The survey invitation email will contain a link to the online survey, which you will need to click in order to go to the survey page in your browser and to enable you to start to complete the survey. Some survey sites require you to install special software for you to be able to complete the survey. We do not recommend these sites. If a survey site that we recommend starts using special software, please report it to us via our "Contact Us" page and we will immediately remove that site from our database. Having said that, it is always your decision as to whether or not you will sign up with any online paid survey site. Most survey sites do not require any special software to be installed and your normal browser and its usual facilities will be totally adequate. Be honest when completing the surveys sent to you. You are not under any obligation wharsoever to complete any particular survey. If you are feeling uncomfortable about any particular survey, you can elect not to complete that particular survey.


How will I get paid for completing a survey? Who will be paying me?

Some market researchers will pay you by check for each survey that you complete. The check will be mailed to you, usually within a few weeks of your completing the survey. Others send out monthly checks when a minimum balance is reached in your survey account. Many use online payment processors e.g. PayPal and these pay in similar ways to those paying by check, except your earnings will be credited to your paypal account. You may open a free personal account at paypal by clicking here.


Why does the online paid survey suddenly say I am not qualified for the survey after I have answered the first few questions?

Many surveys have an initial screening questionnaire. If you fit into the particular profile being surveyed, than you will be able to complete the survey. Otherwise, the surveyor informs you that you have not qualified for that particular survey, and usually you will be given an entry into a sweepstake, or a small token payment for your participation. Don't be discouraged when this occurs, as it happens to all of us who paricipate in paid online surveys. There will be many, many more survey invitations in the future, and you will qualify for your fair share of these surveys.


Why dont you recommend more online paid survey companies?

We highly recommend you join all of the free paid survey, point survey and reward surveys recommended on our site. These are all free to join, reputable, and they always pay! The point being is that with only one or two survey company memberships you will probably have an infrequent flow of survey invitations, whereas, being a member of many, your invitation flow will be regular, and as a result your income earnt will also be regular. We aim not to sacrifice quality for quantity. We could "recommend" hundreds of other survey company sites, but, as we critically review all these sites, many fall by the wayside as not meeting our required standard. Indeed a good number do not even meet a very basic standard! You will definitely not find these companies on our site. Even those recommended are constantly reviewed as to their adequacy, and we have no hesitation in removing from our recommendations a company that is no longer meeting our desired standards.


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