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Survey: A gathering of a sample of data or opinions considered to be representative of a whole.
Seer: A person with unusual powers of foresight

Our aim is to review the very best of United States online paid survey websites that actually pay you for your thoughts and opinions. We use and test the United States paid survey companies we recommend so that you will know in advance that they are really worth signing up for, and whats more they actually PAY! We are continually updating our database of United States paid survey websites and YOUR access to this information is totally FREE. You will never have to pay us to join any of the United States paid survey sites we recommend. Also, the sites we recommend will always be FREE to join, so YOU will never be using up your precious cash in order to try and earn some extra income.

Completing United States paid surveys is actually a very handy work at home opportunity where YOU can earn some additional income by utilizing your spare time. Completing online internet surveys is fun! It also gives YOU the opportunity to help in product development and to contribute to the shaping of public opinion. Market researchers want to know your thoughts and opinions on a wide range of areas that are of interest to their clients. These researchers will pay YOU for your time spent on completing their surveys. Just about all of the reputable paid online survey sites are actually part of real world, market research businesses. As said before, these are all FREE to sign up with, and offer payouts ranging from $1 to $100+ for each survey YOU complete. Some of these sites will also enter YOU into sweepstakes where YOU will have the opportunity to win extra money &/or prizes. Some others will reward YOU with points which YOU can later redeem for cash &/or prizes.

Take a look at the United States online paid survey sites we recommend. Sign up with them and start to earn with the paid surveys these sites offer. The sites have been organized in the areas in which they operate. You should sign up for the the paid survey sites which accept members from your country. You should also sign up for the numerous sites which accept international members i.e on a worlwide, global basis, irrespective of the country in which you happen to live.

When you sign up for a survey site, you are usually firstly required to confirm your email address. After that you may be required to complete your profile information on the survey site. When new surveys become available, the survey site will check your profile, and if you fit their needs for a particular survey, the survey site will email you, inviting you to participate in that survey. Most survey sites, will tell you up front, in the email, what reward you can expect for completing the survey.

YOU should sign up for as many of our recommended paid survey sites as you are able. This is so that YOU can maximize the returns from completing surveys. It also increases the likelihood of receiving surveys to complete.

If YOU have additional queries about online paid survey companies, check out our FAQ page to get the answers to the questions most people commonly ask.

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